Anthony Horton

    Anthony Horton was a beloved artist and storyteller. With heavy hearts, we said goodbye to him in 2012.

    “I was born to people who didn’t want me and so they gave me away. But I guess the people they gave me to didn’t want me either. No one wanted me. That’s why I ended up on the streets alone and uneducated. I couldn’t read or write. I didn’t know anything and the whole world knew it.”

    Anthony spent the greater part of his life living and surviving in the secret underground tributaries of the NYC subway system. In 2005, he met Youme Landowne, another artist, at one of the subway stops and they began to talk. They rode downtown and uptown and downtown again, discussing art and life, and they decided to begin working together. They decided to write a book which would tell Tony’s story. In 2008, we were lucky enough to publish his graphic, Pitch Black – Don’t Be Skerd, the story of Anthony’s life underground. 

    The New York Times wrote up a touching story on Anthony here: A Fiery End of a Life Lived Beneath the City

    More from The Village Voice and The New York Daily News.

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