Eve Tal

    Eve Tal. Trimming banana trees while watching out for snakes. Cleaning public toilets. Cooking for 500 people. Not the material of your standard resume, but the stuff of Eve’s life, which has taken her back and forth across the ocean many times.

    Born in the U.S., Eve lives on Kibbutz Hatzor in Israel. Her first children’s book was published soon after the birth of her third son—it was followed by three more. Double Crossing, her first book in English, is based on her grandfather’s immigration story.

    Eve loves to travel and meet people from all over the world. “Children’s books create a common language through which we can learn to understand one another. Our world is filled with too much hate. Love and trust require hard work. I believe we can build them with the help of books and stories.”

    Visit the Eve Tal website!

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