Gary Paul Nabhan

    Gary Paul Nabhan has collaborated with native peoples of the cactus forests, mesas and oases of the binational Southwest to conserve and revive agricultural and wild food traditions. He has been involved in all this since 1975. Known as Hant Coaxoj (Horned Lizard-Man) among the Seri, he has helped train over two dozen Seri youth in methods to safeguard endangered species, native food and medicines for the benefit of their community. Cinco Puntos has published a children’s book titled Efraín of the Sonoran Desert, A Lizard’s Life Among the Seri Indians which brings a cultural and environmental story from Gary Nabhan and Seri Indian Elder, Amalia Astorga. 

    A co-founder of Native Seeds/SEARCH, he is the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, a Lannan Literary Fellowship and the John Burroughs Medal for natural history writing. He lives with his wife Laurie outside of Flagstaff, Arizona where he directs the Center for Sustainable Environments. He has compiled and edited a full account of the Seri knowledge of reptiles for the University of California Press.