Honorio Robledo

    Honorio Robledo was born in Tenancingo, Mexico in 1954, and grew up in Veracruz and Chiapas. He moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1997, where he lives with his wife Luana and their two children, Amalia and Nicolás. His paintings, masks, sculptures and ceramics have been exhibited in France, Germany, Spain and Mexico. Honorio has been a comic strip artist since 1979. His strip La Cubeta runs in the La Opinión weekly in Los Angeles and appeared between 1991 and 1998 in La Jornada in Mexico City. 

    In Honorio’s Own Words:

    “As a child, I grew up in small villages with no electricity. Our lives revolved around the tlecuil, which, in many cases, was just a simple circle of stones on the ground encircling a fire. In the evenings we would all gather around the tlecuil and the night would come alive. The darkness, sometimes, was complete and we could only see the eyes of the people around the circle. When el cuentero told his tales, all the children were very scared. The night was filled with mystery, magic, and supernatural wonders thanks to the stories told by the elders.

    “People woke up early to work the land, the jungle, or the sea and used handmade tools. In the afternoon, the villagers would take out their musical instruments and form improvisational groups in beauty salons, in workshops, on street corners and cafés, just about everywhere. Music filled the air and was a very important part of our daily lives. This is where I learned to use my hands and play music. This is the world I want to share in my work and these are the experiences I want to share with my wife and children. 

    “My work is influenced by Surrealists such as Chirico and Dali. I especially love the native painters of Veracruz who used color to show all the riches of that region, and the school of painters from Oaxaca such as Toledo and Taymayo whose work is about color and magic.”

    Honorio Robledo has been involved in three Cinco Puntos books:

    • Nico Visits the Moon and Nico Visita La Luna were illustrated and written by Honorio Robledo.
    • El Cucuy: A Bogeyman Cuento in English & Spanish was illustrated by Honorio Robledo
    • The Dog Child is the newest joyful, humorous children’s story Honorio has illustrated.


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