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    Steve Buchmann was born in Rockford, Illinois but grew up near the ocean in southern California. Since the third grade he has been fascinated with insects, raising caterpillars and studying many different kinds, and as an adult has traveled the world studying native bees. He began keeping honey bees in High School. 

    He earned his bachelors and masters degrees in biological science at CSUF and attended the University of California (at Davis) for a doctorate in entomology. Steve has lived in Tucson, AZ since 1979 and was a Research Entomologist with the USDA Carl Hadyen Bee Research Center in Tucson for almost 22 years. For the past 6 years, he has operated a consulting company, The Bee Works, co-founded with Diana Cohn. Dr. Buchmann is the author/co-author of almost 150 scientific papers and 8 books (including The Forgotten Pollinators and Letters from the Hive). The Bee Tree is his first book for children. 

    He is an adjunct member of the entomology department faculty at the University of Arizona. He is active in pollination research, international conservation and policies to protect the world’s pollinators and their plants. Buchmann was an Associate Producer for the Turner Original Productions/National Wildlife Federation television nature documentary “Pollinators in Peril” broadcast on TBS during 2000. The film starred and was hosted/narrated by actor Peter Fonda. He is a founding member of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) serving on its steering committee. He is currently the interim International Director for the NAPPC. 

    Recently, he served for 18 months on a National Academy of Sciences National Research Council committee which will issue their report “Status of Pollinators in North America” as a 400 page book during April, 2007. He was an advisor to the United States Postal service helping to create 8 stamps on pollinators and wildflowers (a bumble bee, hummingbird, bat and butterfly). These colorful stamps were issued as U.S. commemorative stamps during National Pollinator Week (June 24-30, 2007), a resolution passed by the U.S. Senate. 

    Dr. Buchmann has made 8 trips to peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, to study the giant honey bees (Apis dorsata) and witness the honey hunters who risk their lives climbing the Tualang trees (Koompassia excelsa) near Pedu Lake, Kedah, Malaysia. Along with Paul Mirocha, he visited Malaysia during February, 2007 for an Asian book launch of The Bee Tree. Steve, Diana Cohn and Paul are happy to bring The Bee Tree, a fictional story (but one based upon a true life honey hunter family), to students, parents, teachers and children everywhere.

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