Geronimo Garcia

    Geronimo Garcia grew up in the barrios (neighborhoods) that are close to the Rio Grande. When Geronimo was only six years old, his dad, who was in the Navy, would send the family little comic books that he had drawn himself. They were about the ship that he was on and about his friends. Of course, his dad made up all sorts of adventures with monsters, bad guys and good guys. Geronimo loved those comic books, and he realized that he wanted to be an artist when he grew up.

    In high school Geronimo decided to be a commercial artist—an artist who creates advertisements, designs and illustrates books, and other things like that. He went to college at the Houston Art Institute. Geronimo has designed numerous books for Cinco Puntos as well as illustrating three children’s books. The bright and quirky pictures in both Tell Me A Cuento and Grandma Fina & Her Wonderful Umbrellas were illustrated by him. In 1998, Geronimo took an alternative to illustrating by hand making all of the pictures out of clay to give A Gift From Papa Diego some unusual spice.

    After working for other people, he decided to start his own company—Geronimooo Design. He is the father of two daughters, Adriana and Marina.

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