Lucia Angela Perez

    Lucia Angela Perez was born in 1973. Lucia’s mother, Gloria Osuna Perez, was a painter and had a pottery business, so Lucia played around with art and ceramics, though she didn’t really want to become an artist. She had other plans for her life.

    While she was attending the University of Texas at Arlington, she decided to take a few art courses. It was then that she realized that she had a natural talent. Yet she was afraid to admit to herself that art was for her. It wasn’t until her mother came for a visit and suggested a ceramics course to relieve the stress of school that she gave herself permission to go ahead. By this time she realized that no other classes interested her and she decided to become an art student.

    After college, Lucia dreamed of doing a one-woman show with her most recent works, but since 1998, her life has been full of obstacles. First she took a job as an art teacher, which left her no time to work on her own art. Then, in 1999, her mother became ill with cancer and Lucia made a conscious choice to leave her job and go back home. At that time, her mother was at work on a book called Little Gold Star / Estrellita de Oro. She’d finished four of the paintings when it became apparent that she was too sick to paint. She asked Lucia to finish the book. Shortly after her mother’s death, Lucia set to work to complete the remaining 11 paintings. From there, Lucia’s book-illustrating career began. In 2002, Lucia illustrated the bilingual songbook for kids Cada Niño / Every Child.

    Lucia lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her two daughters, Gloria and Isabella. She balances motherhood, book illustrating, and her own artistic interests, and still dreams of the day when she can have a one-woman show.

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