Vicki Trego Hill

    Vicki Trego Hill is the illustrator for the classic, best-selling ghost story La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. The original La Llorona was published in 1987 with Vicki’s expressive black and white illustrations. In 2005, Vicki and her daughter Mona Pennypacker worked together to bring La Llorona into a color edition. Vicki drew a few more illustrations and designed the book while Mona added color to all the old and new pictures.

    Vicki Hill’s stunning black and white illustrations complement Watch Out for Clever Women!, and her eye for emotion and detail illuminate the people in the stories. Watch Out for Clever Women! was nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List in 1997. Vicki received the Texas Institute of Letters, Fred Whitehead Award for Best Design of a Trade Book in 2001 for the design of the book Questions & Swords.

    Vicki has been the principal book designer for Cinco Puntos Press since its inception in 1985 and is mainly responsible for the high-quality of Cinco Press books.

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