Bloody Seoul

By: Sonia Patel

Rocky both fears and looks up to his violent father, a gang leader in South korea.

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"An unforgettable story filled with tension, drama, and humor." —Fred Aceves, author of The Closest I've Ever Come

Rocky’s the most loyal 16-year-old you’ll ever meet: loyal to the Three Star Pa gang, which his father runs in Seoul, Korea; loyal to his best friends, who accompany him everywhere he goes; loyal to his ever-escalating public bullying of Ha-na, a girl at school; and, finally, loyal to the memory of his mother, even though there are some things about her that he tries to forget. He loves his friends, his city, and the power he wields. But when he catches his father in a lie, the truth is exposed, and his life begins to unravel—and Rocky has no idea where it’s going to lead.

Rocky both fears and looks up to his violent father, a gang leader in South korea. He's the only parent Rocky's known since his mother disappeared when he was a child. As his father begins to spiral out of control and he learns more about his mother's disappearance, Rocky has to tackle all the darkness from his past head-on.

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5 reviews for Bloody Seoul

  1. Kirkus Reviews
    As his eyes open to his father’s alcoholism and dark moods, Rocky unearths memories of his loving mother, who disappeared 10 years earlier. He discovers ugly truths about his parents’ relationship and his mother’s disappearance and starts digging deeper.

  2. Booklist
    A powerful story about family, redemption, and finding out who you really are. —Selenia Paz

  3. Publishers Weekly
    Troubled by and sometimes on the receiving end of his father’s despotic leadership style, Rocky grapples with the hurt he has inflicted and attempts to escape from a history of violence while uncovering his family’s painful past.

  4. Cleaver Magazine
    [P]oetic, fast-paced and electrifying…Patel’s writing shines. Her words flow across the page like a poem – descriptive yet succinct, observant of an entire world in so few phrases. —Kristie Gadson

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