Choose Your Days

By: Paula Wallace
Illustrator: Paula Wallace
Old Bear gives baby Corky the keys to her days. “Choose your days,” he whispers. “Make them sunny or grey.”



Old Bear gives baby Corky the keys to her days. “Choose your days,” he whispers. "Make them sunny or grey.”

Will little Corky in the striped socks, that dear of a girl, so quirky and curious, live her life and her dreams to the fullest? Wise Old Bear is her guide. When Corky is just a baby, Old Bear gives her the keys to her days, and he gives her a list of things to do and a list of dreams to dream. As she grows and grows, she learns to live in wonderment, craning her eyes toward the starry heavens, racing along through the budding trees, watching the seasons pass by. But when her days grow short, she asks Old Bear for a few more days. She wants to make sure she has played all the play, sang all the songs to sing, done all the work that was hers to do. Old Bear reminds Corky that she holds the key to her days. She must do what needs to be done, and dream what needs to be dreamed. When she is ready, she will not be afraid to open the door to wonder. Yes, Old Bear is a wise old bear.

11 reviews for Choose Your Days

  1. Kirkus Reviews
    This is the kind of book that will stick with readers, a meditation that they may not understand now but that, if digested, could have magical results.

  2. Publishers Weekly
    Wallace’s language and imagery can be both playful and enigmatic—this is a story that challenges readers to think, rather than hitting them over the head with obvious messages and directives.

  3. Booklist Online
    Sparse in both concept and execution, this gentle tale prods readers to make mindful choices and focus on the things that truly matter.

  4. Reading Style Guide
    This is an enchanting picture book with absolutely delightful illustrations. … It would be an excellent gift for someone dealing with a personal crisis, surviving a loss, or starting a new chapter in life.

  5. Darlene Beck Jacobson blog
    It is a tender and hopeful picture book for adults as well as children. … Anyone who fears death will find the peaceful and thoughtful message a welcome one.

  6. BookDragon by the Smithsonian
    Choose Your Days is so many good and meaningful things. But most of all, it’s a gift.

  7. School Library Journal
    A whimsical, philosophical selection.

  8. Midwest Book Review
    The ending of Corky’s beautiful story comes in spare, poetic words and expressive, sensitive paintings that evoke the lobe of beauty and the transitory nature of life. Together paintings and poetic text tells a mystic tale that is unforgettable.

  9. Foreword Reviews
    Choose Your Days is a story about finding wonderment and joy. … Though simply written, the book is powerful. The illustrations are beautiful and tell a far more complete story than the words alone.

  10. Holly, bookseller at Elliot Bay Book Company
    Titles like this that remind me what a miraculous gift books are; to all of us. Choose Your Days is an absolute treasure.

  11. Connie Griffin, bookseller at Bookworks, Albuquerque
    Choose Your Days is a picture book about living and about passing over. The illustrations alone bring smiles and tears. With the words it is a breath taking book experience that lends perspective to the day and becomes mystically comforting as the calendar progresses. It is truly unforgettable because the message is universal and we each are unique.

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