Little Chanclas

By: José Lozano
Illustrator: José Lozano
Little Lily Lujan loves the slippety-slappety of her noisy flip flops „ until she trades them in for soccer shoes. Clickety-clackety. Goooooal!


Little Lily Lujan loves the slippety-slappety of her noisy flip flop

Little Lily Lujan — a.k.a. "Little Chanclas" — loves her chanclas, clickety-clacking her way through life. She may be tiny but you can hear her coming from a mile off. Then her chanclas come apart while she's dancing at a party and the dog chews them up. Poor Lily is inconsolable. How's she going to face life without chanclas?

Awards and Accomodations

2018 Int'l Latino Book Award Finalist

5 reviews for Little Chanclas

  1. Kirkus Reviews
    [José] Lozano displays a keenly sympathetic understanding of the sometimes-intense love a child bears for a favorite item of clothing. With both words and energetic, folk art-inspired illustrations, he creates a likably stubborn protagonist and situates her in a vibrant, affectionate Latino family.

  2. New York Times
    José Lozano’s softly exuberant, painterly images of a Mexican-American neighborhood seem to have in their DNA large-scale street murals, Mexican comic books and trading cards. They help Lily’s story leap playfully from the page like some sweet, hip fable.

  3. De Colores: The Raza Experience in Books for Children
    The charm and enthusiasm of Little Chanclas (the child) invites young readers and listeners into her world, and the vibrant illustrations and upbeat word play of Little Chanclas (the book) is a delight for everyone. —Beverly Slapin

  4. International Literacy Association
    Young children will enjoy the onomatopoeia used through the book to describe the sound of Lily’s chanclas. Those who are familiar with the linguistic nuances of the border regions and Spanish-speaking enclaves in the U.S. will identify with the authentic use of Spanglish in both the English and Spanish text to contextualize and describe Lily’s environment. —Laura Roy

  5. LA Times
    Jose Lozano’s folk art breathes life into this delightfully humorous tale, told in both Spanish and English. Any child with a particularly beloved toy or item of clothing will be able to relate to Lily, and this story has the potential to lead to discussions about ownership, language, culture and life.

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