My Sister Disappears

Stories and a Novella

By: Lee Merrill Byrd
Lee Byrd’s first collection —seven stories and a novella— is largely concerned with domestic issues and family relationships, with the events, large and small, of daily life.


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Lee Byrd's first collection

Seven stories and a novella, largely concerned with domestic issues and family relationships, with the events, large and small, of daily life. Although many of the stories deal with difficult subjects, Lee Byrd's discerning and compassionate eye manages to wrest a gentle humor from even the worst of circumstances. Stories include:
  • Order and Disorder
  • Major Six Pockets
  • When He Is Thirty-Seven
  • Hotter Here Than It Ever Was in New Jersey
  • Five in the Morning
  • My Sister Disappears
  • Am Entering Woods
  • Plans for a Wedding

Awards and Accomodations

Best First Work of Fiction, Southwest Book Award

4 reviews for My Sister Disappears

  1. Booklist
    In precise and elegantly poetic prose, Byrd paints disturbingly realistic pictures of the pain and beauty of difficult family situations. The title story documents the mental breakdown of a young girl as she prepares for the eighth-grade prom. In “Order and Disorder,” the fragile reality of a housewife comes crashing down around her as her family rebels against the perfect world she has created for them in her own mind.

    And in several tales, Byrd examines the horror and painful beauty of children who have survived devastating fires. “Hotter Here Than It Ever Was in New Jersey” portrays a woman going up against her young burned son as she attempts to bring him out of the hospital and into the world. And in the fantastic “Major Six Pockets,” a family goes in search of the “perfect camping spot” with their two badly burned sons, just released from the hospital. These are remarkably beautiful and painful stories, and Byrd tells them with great skill and honesty.

  2. Rudolfo Anaya
    Lee Byrd probes the souls of her characters, removes their masks, and lays bare their pain. This is a remarkable first book by one of the most sensitive voices from the Southwest today.

  3. Rick DeMarinis
    These stories will touch you. Some will break your heart. Lee Byrd’s stories reveal the hidden strength that persists within our obvious fragility.

  4. Beverly Lowry
    I am impressed with Lee Byrd’s sensitivity as a writer and her intense ability to dive down into the heart of an extremely difficult situation and stay there until the story’s all told.

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