Slump (D-Bow High School Hoops Series #2)

By: Kevin Waltman
D-Bow’s back —with a sophomore slump. Still, with some help, he just might find more basketball magic.


D-Bow’s back—with a sophomore slump. Still, with some help, he just might find more basketball magic.

Things were supposed to change for sophomore year. Things were supposed to be„I don't know„easier somehow. At least with Jasmine. Instead it's more of a struggle than ever. At least last year when she was with Nick Starks I knew where I stood.

Derrick Bowman's sophomore year is a grind. He's been looking forward to the basketball season all summer, but his girlfriend Jasmine leaves him for putting too much focus on basketball. The promise his Marion East basketball team showed at the end of last season isn't materializing. And the sweet jumper D-Bow worked on all summer just isn't falling. When Derrick's father has a heart attack, Derrick is faced with a new reality where basketball can't be his only priority.

Kevin Waltman teaches creative writing at the University of Alabama. He lives in Coker, Alabama, with his family. Slump is the second book in his D-Bow High School Hoops series.

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  1. Kirkus Reviews
    Waltman balances blazing hoops action against Derrick’s emotional growth. He and Coach Bolden continue to butt heads, but this year Derrick is better able to trust him; their developing relationship is complex and gratifying. Also nuanced is Derrick’s emerging sexuality; he learns quickly that losing his virginity comes with complications. Waltman leaves some threads dangling for future volumes: Best friend Wes is struggling with his own issues, and likable, layabout Uncle Kid’s shenanigans prompt unease.

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